At the recent VKC Membership meeting a decision was taken to provide a SECURE AREA for
the BARKER with minutes - and other documents in the future.

To access this area you MUST have a USERNAME and a PASSWORD registered with the
Virginia Kennel Club website.

Please CLICK HERE to register for a username & password.

Note that it may take up to 72 hours for your username/password to be activitated.

In accordance with the meeting attendee's input - no method for password recovery is
provided.  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR PASSWORD.  If you should lose

your password, or forget it, or require a different one for any reason, a new password request
will have to be completed by you - and again a waiting period ensued.

Already havce your username and password??
CLICK HERE for the latest BARKER with MINUTES.

Enjoy the new secure members only area!